Art of Wok

Introducing the concept and vision of ART OF WOK which works on the basis of Cantonese cooking technique combined with inspiration from
unique cuisine from all over China and countries in the regions.

The concept of ART OF WOK requires possession of great analytical intelligence on qualities of food presentation, creativity, conceptualizing menu designs, culinary skills and deep understanding of Chinese culinary culture. It is a form of art which combines all Chinese Cuisine into one.

I developed keen interest in cooking as a child and have diligently pursued and crafted a career in this field for 30 years. I am continuously seeking new challenges and is always interested to participate in food related programs and competitions whenever opportunities arise. This I believe will enhance my skills and further broaden my experience in the culinary industry.  I am honored to have received numerous awards both in China and abroad for my culinary skills and innovation. To highlight a few, I was awarded the Culinary Art Master Award from the Les Amis D’Escoffier Society in 2011 and also the winner in
CCTV’s Greatest Chef Italy Milano Yunnan Xi-shuang-ban-na Show in 2014.

ART OF WOK is my cooking philosophy. I believe that Chinese cuisine should be authentic yet creative and should constantly be enhanced with the latest and modern culinary techniques from different cuisines.It is my belief in preparing authentic Chinese dishes with innovation
and innovation should not tangle with flavors that are not of Chinese soul.

I will continue to advance and develop the ART OF WOK concept to lift it to a higher level.

ART OF WOK Cuisine Creator – Tony Choo

Signature Dishes
Speciality Seafood
Speciality Soup
Finale Dessert